As part of the TTC’s continuing modernization efforts the turnstiles at Dundas West Station will be replaced with new paddle-style fare gates.

Construction is scheduled to start on Sept 7. It will take until the end of October to complete.

  • The collector booth and fare line into the station will be closed during construction.
  • Customers will be unable to purchase TTC fares from the collector booth at the station until the end of October.
  • Customers can access the TTC Pass Vending Machine inside the entrance to the station to purchase a Metropass.
  • A temporary entrance into the station will be set up through the bus bay. A station collector will be available to collect fares. 
  • A PRESTO card reader will be available beside the station collector during the construction.

To purchase a PRESTO card visit the Gateway Newstand in Dundas West Station or visit

To learn more about PRESTO visit