TTC Subway car in motion.

PRESTO is available at, at least one entrance of every subway station.

New fare gates with PRESTO

New PRESTO-equipped fare gates are being installed at the subway station entrances that do not have them. The new gates provide an unobstructed path into a station and offer greater flexibility for flow of pedestrian traffic into and out of the station. The gates are accessible with a PRESTO card or TTC passes only. Customers paying with tokens, tickets or cash must enter the station through the collector booth aisle.

Please check back regularly for more information or visit the PRESTO construction notices page to learn more

A PRESTO card reader is seen at a subway station. A PRESTO gate is seen at a subway station.

A schedule is still being finalized for the construction of fare gates at the remaining subway station entrances that do not yet have them. It will be posted below when it’s available.

Station PRESTO available
Woodbine Station - second entrance Summer 2017
St Patrick Station Fall 2017
Davisville Station Fall 2017

*Dates subject to change

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