Temporary Route/Bus Bay Changes due to construction at Wilson Station

TTC is undertaking structural rehabilitation work on the upper bus loop at Wilson Station, which involves the complete removal of the concrete roadway as well as waterproofing the structure. In order to maintain regular transit service, a temporary bus terminal is being constructed in the main (north) parking lot. The temporary bus terminal will be part of the fare-paid area of the station. There will be no change to service levels.

During construction, the station will maintain regular hours of operation. Bus shelters will be installed to protect customers from inclement weather. Entrance to the station will be via the main entrance on Wilson Avenue. Customer service representatives and signage will help direct customers who will be affected by this work.

Routes moved to temporary terminal

Buses on the routes listed below will serve the temporary bus terminal in the Wilson main parking lot, east of the station. Minor routing changes will be required to access the temporary location. No on-street stops will be changed.

  • 29 Dufferin
  • 104 Faywood
  • 160 Bathurst North

Routes moved to lower level terminal

Buses on the routes listed below will serve the lower level bus terminal, instead of the upper level bus terminal. Minor routing changes will be required to access the lower level location. No on-street stops will be changed.

  • 96 Wilson (westbound)
  • 118 Thistle Down
  • 119 Torbarrie
  • 165 Weston Rd North (westbound)
  • 186 Wilson Rocket (westbound)

Bus bay change

120 Calvington: the bus bay assignment for this route will change. The route will remain on the lower level bus terminal. There will be no change to routings or service levels.

Wilson Station Commuter Parking Lot Changes

Reduced spaces at main (north) commuter parking lot

During the rehabilitation work, approximately 230 spots will be displaced, leaving over 650 parking stalls available for customers driving to the station. As an alternative, over 1,000 commuter parking stalls are available at Yorkdale Station.

Phased closure of south (Tippet Road) commuter lot

Parking at the TTC Wilson south commuter lot (Tippet Road) will be significantly reduced and later fully closed as noted above. This is one of a number of properties across the city identified by the City of Toronto for redevelopment through Build Toronto.

The developer will be staging construction and occupying the lot as they require it for construction of two condominium projects. The closure will be staged to facilitate construction of the necessary roadways and infrastructure to service the new developments, as per the timeline below:

  • August 1, 2017: partial closure
  • September 5, 2017: full closure
  • January 2018: partial re-opening

Details on the closure of the entire lot, beyond 2018, will be available by the developer prior to the start of the next phase of construction.