The routing on the 9 BELLAMY will be adjusted to travel on Progress Avenue in both directions in all periods of operation, to provide customers with new access to destinations along Progress Avenue. There will be no change to the schedules or the service levels on this route.

Stops along McCowan Road, Corporate Drive, and Consilium Place will no longer be served by 9 BELLAMY, but will continue to be served by other routes.

Routing Details

  • Northbound: from Warden Station via north on Warden Avenue, east on St Clair Avenue East, northeast on Kingston Road, north on McCowan Road, east on Eglinton Avenue East, north and east and north on Bellamy Road North, west on Progress Avenue, south on Grangeway Avenue, west on Bushby Gate, north on McCowan Road, and west on Triton Road to Scarborough Centre Station.
  • Southbound: from Scarborough Centre Station via east on Triton Road, south on McCowan Road, east on Bushby Gate, north on Grangeway Avenue, east on Progress Avenue, south and west and south on Bellamy Road North, west on Eglinton Avenue East, south on McCowan Road, southwest on Kingston Road, and west on St. Clair Avenue East to Warden Station.