Wheel-Trans operator and passenger in subway station

What’s new at Wheel-Trans

Exciting changes to Late Cancellation and No-Show Policy

A new Wheel-Trans Late Cancellation and No-Show Policy that better meets customer needs has been developed. The new policy provides customers with more flexibility by extending the cancellation window and relaxing the number of late-cancellation, no-show and cancel-at-the-door occurrences customers can have in a month. This new customer-friendly policy comes into effect on September 7, 2017.

Learn more about the changes and how this new Late Cancellation and No-Show Policy puts customers first.

Community Bus Pilot Brings More Service to Two Routes

On September 5, 2017 TTC kick-offs a nine-month Pilot project along two of its five Community Bus routes – 400 Lawrence Manor and 404 East York. Along these routes, bus will run more frequently and stop in front of added destinations. These improvements mean customers close to these routes will have more accessible and convenient options to get around their neighbourhood. Learn more.

Call for volunteers - Family of Services Pilot now underway

The Family of Services Pilot is an important initiative that will help transform the way accessible public transit services are delivered to persons with disabilities. This pilot will help us learn about how persons with disabilities use conventional transit services such as the bus and subway, so that we can create a better customer journey. We are looking for volunteer participants who are interested in sharing  their experiences. More information about the Family of Services Pilot can be found here.

To volunteer as a Family of Services Pilot participant, please email TTCFOS@ttc.ca or call 416-393-4111.

Use of video on Wheel-Trans

All Wheel-Trans buses are equipped with cameras and video recording systems. The information and images collected by these systems may be used as part of the eligibility re-assessment process. This information is communicated to the public by:

  • Decals on Wheel-Trans vehicles
  • Personal information and privacy statement in the Wheel-Trans Application Form, Appeal Form, Customer Welcome Package and ttc.ca