A Cavalcade of Progress, 1921-1954

In the life of a city as in the life of an individual there are definite milestones. One of the most significant in the history of Toronto was symbolized by a colourful ceremony on September 8th, 1949, when actual construction was started on "Canada's First Subway".

Looking Back

Toronto's first public transportation company was the Williams Omnibus Bus Line, which carried passengers in horse drawn stagecoaches along Yonge Street between the St. Lawrence Market and the Village of Yorkville for sixpence in 1849.


Notable events that shaped the face of public transit in the City of Toronto since 1861.

The TTC story: The first seventy-five years

The following passages are taken from Mike Filey's book titled The TTC Story: The First Seventy-five Years. The book, published by Dundurn Press in 1996, features over one hundred black and white images selected to illustrate the main transit event in each year of the TTC's existence.

Lifeline of Toronto

The TTC produced this video for the 2007 APTA Rail Conference held in Toronto in June, 2007. It highlights our employees’ commitment to ensuring your transit system is efficient, reliable and safe. It also provides a brief look into our future.

TTC celebrating 100 years of moving Toronto

On September 1, 2021, the TTC will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone achievement, we've planned a number of activities over the coming year. Join us in celebrating 100 years of moving Toronto.