Exterior view of the McNicoll Bus Garage.
Photo caption: Exterior view of the McNicoll Bus Garage.

Construction of TTC’s ninth bus garage at 225 Milliken Boulevard in Scarborough was completed in June 2020. The McNicoll Bus Garage will help accommodate growing ridership and the TTC’s expanding bus fleet with a capacity to store and maintain up to 250 buses. Built to Toronto Green Standards, the facility has multiple features, including one of the largest green roofs in Canada, solar panels and a metal transpired solar wall to harness solar energy that will help heat the building. Staff have begun working from the building and buses will be maintained in the service bays during daytime hours. On March 28, 2021, full bus maintenance and operations began at McNicoll Bus Garage.

The 29,000 square metre facility also has: 

  • Two service lines with an exterior wash system
  • A bus cleaning area
  • Transportation and maintenance offices
  • Repair bays, including 14 hoists and two inspection pits
  • Paint and body shops with two bays and one hoist
  • One degrease room with a hoist

The McNicoll Bus Garage was the recipient of the 2020 Judges Award for Metal Architecture Design. The facility was featured in the July 2020 issue of Metal Architecture Magazine in recognition of its innovative Transpired Solar Wall design. Details are available at the following links:

inside look at mcnicoll bus garage

inside look at mcnicoll bus garage

solar panels on the roof of the garage

green roof at mcnicoll garage