All-door boarding is now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on all streetcar lines. Please note that Operators do have discretion and you may be required to board at the front doors overnight, at less busy stops or when it is extremely cold. Your transfer or your TTC pass is your proof-of-payment.

Watch our Proof-Payment video on YouTube this YouTube video will open in a new window. to learn about how to use POP in our system.

Proof-of-Payment is any of the following:

  • Valid Transfer
  • Monthly Pass 
  • Weekly Pass
  • Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Weekly Pass
  • Day Pass
  • E-Ticket
  • Convention Pass
  • Validated TTC Ticket
  • PRESTO card (after tapping when boarding)

Customers with POP can board through any door. Customers paying with tickets, tokens or cash should board through the front doors and get a transfer.

PRESTO customers transferring between streetcar and subway should tap when boarding the streetcar and again on entering the station. One fare will be charged.

PRESTO customers transferring between streetcars should tap when boarding each streetcar. One fare will be charged.

PRESTO customers transferring between streetcar and bus should tap when boarding the streetcar and tap again when boarding the bus. One fare will be charged.

Customers riding the new streetcars can board at any door, pay their fare at a Fare and Transfer machine and get their POP receipt.

Proof-of-Payment is required on all streetcar routes.

Proof of Payment (POP) is required at all times.

Streetcars are marked with a special POP decal.

Proof-of-Payment Enforcement

TTC Transit Enforcement Officers and Transit Fare Inspectors enforce the POP fare system and TTC By-law. They make random checks to ensure that customers have proof of payment on POP routes. At any point in your streetcar journey, you may be asked to show Proof-of-Payment. You may be asked:

  • At a subway station
  • On a vehicle
  • As you exit a vehicle

Keep your transfer, pass, POP receipt or validated TTC ticket handy so that you can show your proof of payment when requested. A summons may be issued if you cannot produce proof of payment, and even stiffer penalties will be applied against repeat offenders.

For more details on POP call our Customer Information office at 416-393-4636.