What is the new ‘next vehicle’ widget on the homepage? What does it do?

The purpose of the widget is to help you easily find information about upcoming departures for buses, streetcars, and subways.

By default, the widget presents the next departures for all routes within 500 metres of Toronto’s City Hall. These routes are sorted by proximity. You can scroll up and down to see different routes and lines. Resting your cursor over any route will show the next three departures.

I don’t want to see routes near City Hall. How do I change the location?

To change the location, you can type an address (e.g. 544 Bay Street), stop or station (e.g. Union Station), or Stop Number (e.g. 14793) into the search field. You can also click the bullseye in the top right corner to display routes near your current location.

What does each field mean?

The large number on the left of the widget is the route number (e.g. 501). The field below that shows the direction (e.g. East to Neville Park). The last field on the left shows the stop (e.g. Queen St West/Bay St). On the right, the large number is a countdown until the transit vehicles arrives.

How do I switch directions?

By clicking on any individual route cell, you can cycle through all available directions.

Does the widget show real-time departures? How do I know if a departure is in real-time?

The widget shows real-time departures for subways, streetcars and buses. To know if a specific departure is displaying real-time information, look for a pulsing wave symbol above the next departure countdown. If there is no pulsing wave, the information provided is based on the schedule. 

The location target does not work for me?

In order for the location button to work, you must have geo-location services activated on your device.

Below the widget, there is some text that says powered by Transit App. What is Transit App?

Transit App built the widget for our website, and it is also one of several third-party smartphone apps that uses TTC real-time GPS data. The app allows you to know when your next train or bus is arriving at a glance; see exactly where your transit vehicle is in real-time; look up future departures and route itineraries; and plan a-to-b trips.

This summer, Transit App won a blogTO/TTC online contest to choose Toronto’s favourite transit app. You can visit thetransitapp.com this is an external site and will open a new window. to learn more.