Emergency Alarm

The Emergency Alarm (EA) is a long yellow bar located above the windows of a subway train and should be used if a customer needs emergency medical, police or fire services.

Travelling Safely 

The TTC is one of the safest transit systems in the world.  As Your Safety Partner we want you to know what we are doing to make the TTC even safer, and what you can do to help.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

An important part of running a safe transit system is preparing for emergencies.  TTC employees are always ready to respond when needed – and you can be too.

Safe TTC App

The SafeTTC App is a mobile app for both iOS and Android that offers TTC customers a quick and discreet method for reporting harassment, safety concerns or suspicious activity directly to the TTC’s Transit Control Centre.

Crisis Link    

The TTC, in partnership with Distress Centres of Toronto and Bell Canada, helps prevent subway suicides and offers hope to those at-risk of suicide on Toronto’s subway system.

Witnessing a Traumatic Event

Help is available. The TTC encourages anyone who has experienced or witnessed a traumatic event while taking transit to seek support.

Toronto Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers takes tips from anywhere in the world at any time while still maintaining your privacy.

TTC Special Constables

TTC Special Constables carry out a variety of activities to enhance public and TTC employee safety and deal with emergencies.

Random drug and alcohol testing at the TTC

Random testing is part of the TTC’s Fitness for Duty policy that outlines the expectation that all employees have to report for work, and remain fit for duty.

Video Recording Policy

This policy applies to all types of camera recording devices at TTC owned, leased and occupied properties that are used for security purposes.

External cameras on surface vehicles

External-facing cameras on TTC vehicles (bus, streetcar and Wheel-Trans) help the TTC investigate incidents involving our vehicles, support the investigation of customer complaints and claims, and enhance public and customer safety.